Our baby

16th June 2007 @ 6.15pm : North Manchester General Hospital 

A new baby was born - it's a boy! 
Weighted 4.224kg (the biggest in the family history, even both the twin weighted 4.05kg). 
Both Mommy & baby is in good condition. 

More stories coming up. Mommy need lots of rest.  

The pictures can be viewed from our previous fotopages

I'm 4.2 kg

Just being wiped.

Vest is on.

I'm done!


Car wash

I'm washing Daddy's car.

Tough huh?

Daddy showed me the right way to scrub!

Oh no!!! Daddy took away the brush...

It's not fair. I'm not finish yet.

Look.. I'm all wet :(

Dont take my pic. I want to wash more... uwaaaa......


Our first entry...

Was from the fotopages...
It's called Kay--e fotopage.

Picture (week 13) - Eizan in Mommy's tummy.
Today: 34 weeks & 4 days pregnant. 39 days to go...


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