Eizan's project at school

These are some of the projects Eizan did at school. 
He was very excited to show us when he get back :)

A flower

 Movable car



When he is ready....

Just snap!



Kidzania is here!

What is Kidzania?
You can read about Kidzania here and here.

Open to public on the 28th February 2012.
Abang Eiman was so lucky to be selected for FREE trip tp Kidzania at Mutiara Damansara, very near to Ikea.
All students who get good grades for last year's exam got the free trip organized by the school.

He wake up early for the trip :)

Everybody queue to the bus.
Bye Abang Eiman....
Enjoy your trip!

When he got home, he was so happy.
He was a pilot, fire fighter, policeman, paramedic, racing car driver and many more........
These are the 'money' (called Kidzo) that Eiman earned.

We are very proud of u Abang Eiman. 


Happy Birthday Daddy

 Daddy is one year wiser :)

 We love you Daddy


Boys activity

Visiting barber...
 Daddy had his haircut. Then si kenit pun sibuk nak juga... hehee.
Siap pejam mata bila Uncle tu pasang mesin rambut.

Pas Daddy siap, Abang Eiman pula... 
Nasib baiklah kejap je potong rambut boys...

I'm done!
Sharkboy style...

Daddy & Eizan

Abang Eiman - botak... :P


Cuti lagi...

Cuti kali ni... Bercuti dekat rumah je... 5 minit je dah sampai ;)

Elin & Erin




T . A . N


Selamat bercuti semua!

We were friends since 1988...

We were so naive. 
Meet each other for the first time. 
All of us from different primary schools, different family background and different places.
We were together day & night for 5 years (excludes school hols).
We grew up together in this boarding school.
So many memories.....

We still keep in touch & meet once a while...
With emails, fb, hp; we were connected.

Hope the friendship remains forever.
See you again girls!


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