Holiday Mood

In less than 3 days, we will be here... By the beach...

Eating fresh keropok lekor...

  Satar ikan panas

Air kelapa muda...

Have a nice day everyone!

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Tasik Titiwangsa Morning Walk

Sunday morning
Taman Tasik Titiwangsa

One Sunday morning, Daddy took us to Taman Tasik Titiwangsa. This is the first time we went there. It's a big park & we were so excited.

We run.
We walk.
We play bubbles.
We have iced milo & nasi lemak.
We play at the play area.
We sweat & hot.
We have ice cream.
We went home with happy faces :)

Eizan tak bagi Abang main sama.. Dia sorang je boleh... :)

Dah lama barulah Abang Eiman dapat turn.. Bagus... Banyak bersabar dengan kerenah adik kecik sorang tu.

I'm flying.. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

Tired.. Take a short break.



Erin & Eizan.

Look at Eizan face! ANGRY Eizan... gggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

Dapat milo ais baru happy :)

Ice cream stop

Time to go home.. Eizan is tired :(

Daddy carry pula ye.. Mommy pun dah penat.

Kakak Erin pula carry.. 

Abang Eiman pose ala2 Taylor Lautner *wink*.

Have fun everyone!


Anya Hindmarch in KL

A note from Mommy (again!) hehe...

Anya Hindmarch is one of my favorite designer. I love her collection a lot. The leather is so good, the design is unique, beautiful craftsmanship and definitely with exceptional quality. I keep buying her bags again & again... The most interesting story here is I got the chance to meet her in person.. Yeay!!! 

A private event held at Anya Hindmarch new store in KLCC.

Anya is in KL to launch her new store (which has been moved to a bigger store in Level 1, near Chanel & Moschino). This private event is to launch the new Belvedere tote in gold.  The tote bag is exclusive to Malaysia.

The Belvedere has special tag embossed with your initials (which will be embossed in London). It comes in an exclusive black box and you have to pay RM 6300 for the bag *wink*.
* Nice & Glamor *

I went with my BFF, Fid. That's the belvedere in gold.

While waiting for her being interviewed by local reporter, we were browsing the collection. 

Fid with ALBAN's family

Me & the gold belvedere

That's Anya in green dress & Soo Shea Pin (Director/owner of Anya Hindmarch Malaysia). The new store is officially opened :).

Serena C ( DJ) is the MC for the event & she's wearing the red soled heels...

She gave a few words before everybody was invited to the store & have her signature...

 I'm the lucky no 1.

Me <3 Anya

Fid's turn.

A little note for us *Big grin*

 She signed my notebook too! :rainbow

While others are still queing for her, we happily grab the delicious finger foods served by Hilton.

 Sushi, lobster & meat ball.

 Chicken teriyaki (yummy).

 Bread pudding (middle row) & I dont know what (pastries or cookies I think) :P

More pictures before we left...

 The MAXI ZIP family.

 Luv that cute little ribbons a lot.

Let's go shopping!
Have a nice day everyone and don't forget to smile.


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