Visiting MamaTiaMia

Lambat betul Mommy update event ni :(
Sori MamaTiaMia.
Twins baru sampai dari Singapore. 
Balik rumah mandi, lepas Maghrib terus ke rumah TiaMia.

Inilah tuan rumah yang baik hati menjemput kami :)
Uwan pun dah sihat. Alhamdulillah.
Auntie Azu dengan twins TiaMia yang sangat comel.
Teringat Elin&Erin masa kecil...

Is this Tia or Mia? But one of them was not in the good mood that nite :(
Tak sempat Auntie Ita nak ambil gambar dgn Tia&Mia.
They are very cute in the yellow polka dotty kurung.

Daddy & his girls.



The cuppies. Sangat comel, sayang nak makan.

Thanks Auntie Azu for inviting us.
*hugs to the princessess*
Hope to see u again!


Draw & Color

This is his hobby.

He just need:
1. Paper
2. Pen/pencil
3. Colors


Proton Motor Show

Last weekend, PakNgah took Eiman & Adam to Proton Motor show.

Eiman & Adam


Singapore Day 6: Doughnuts

Final day at Singapore.
No outdoor activities.

Making doughnuts.

 'Love you'

Gone within 30 minutes.. 
In 5 kids tummy. 


Singapore Day 4: Marina Bay - Nite out

Blue stripey team

The light show

Going back home...


Singapore Day 2 and 3: Play Area, Library and Baking

Rayyan was sick on 3Es second day in Singapore. 
So CikWan took the girls to the library. 
While Eiman stayed at home with Rayyan.
They stopped at the play area otw to the library.

Next day: Baking with CikNini... 
Cookies & polka dots mini cake.

The girls in the kitchen & the boys play cards...


Singapore Day 5: Splash & Wet

 *Mommy took these pictures from CikNini's fb*

3E's another trip in Singapore: to wet themselves

They have to walk MRT station

Then take the MRT

Then a bus...
Phewwww.. It's a long journey...
Finally they arrived here:

Take 5.. Then continue ...

Time to go home...

Stop for fuel

Stop at a library

Stop at the play area

Owh... What a long journey & full of FUN!
Eizan must be very sad when he saw the pictures...
He is not in there :(

Happy weekend everyone!


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