The baby boy has grown up...

Hello everyone,
My name is Eizan... or you call me Adik as well  :P

I am 3 and half years old. I love story books... Mommy bought me lots of story books. One of my favorite is '15 toy box tales'.  I love everybody in my family.

Eizan loves Daddy..
Eizan loves Mommy..
Eizan loves Kakak Elin..
Eizan loves Kakak Eyin...
Eizan loves Abang Eiman..
Eizan loves Eizan...

I love to eat toast & chocolate spread. I like to drink milo & lychee. Sometimes I drink Daddy's coffee :P ... I love chocolate a lot but I don't like to brush my teeth. Some of my teeth are rotten. Now, I have to brush my teeth everyday. 
I like to be the baby in my family. I like when everyone loves me :)

Mommy prepared BOYS room for me and Abang Eiman. But I did not sleep there... I want to sleep with Mommy.... Even Mommy has decorate the room, I still want to be with Mommy. I don't want to sleep to Abang Eiman... I want Mommy... only Mommy....

My latest achievement is ................
 I did not wear any diapers.. 
Mommy bought me new underwear with lots of prints & pictures. I love to wear underwear. No more pampers for me. Yeay!!!! I can sleep at nite without my pampers anymore. Daddy said he wanted to give me a reward for potty training *Grin*. Everybody is very proud with me. 

I love to sing... I sing lots of song.. lalalaaaalaaaaalaaaaaalaaaaaaaaaa....

My favorite cartoons are: 
Tom & Jerry
Scooby Doo
Spongebob Squarepants
The Grim Adventure of Billy & Mandy

I love you!!!

Loves, Hugs & Kisses,
** Eizan **

Boxes.. Boxes.. & more boxes????

Yup.. More boxes means more packing..
We are moving house again.....


When they are bored...

They make 


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