Family picture by Little Eizan


Our Sunday

Today, we went to Jaya One.
There's a Market.
Food trucks, cakes, clothes, art, etc.
Lunch settled.
Happy kids & Mommy.
There goes our Sunday :)

Esok sekolah!!!!



Petang tadi Mommy hantar kakak Elin & Erin ke sekolah.
3 hari camping for Pandu Puteri.
They have lots of activities, esp at night!

We miss u..
See you on Sunday!


Kejohanan Olahraga MSSD Petaling Utama 2015

Abang Eiman in action.
Lompat jauh for his school.
There are 60 schools participated.
Even he didnt win, we are still proud with him.
Well done Abang Eiman.
This is the first time he joined MSSD.
Not that bad huh?

Pictures for our memories.
 Checking his name.

Waiting for others.

His no 1 fan!

Listening... Before the event starts.

 Enjoy a few of 'melayang' scenes from other schools.


Jaya outing: Movie, food and dessert.

After Cinderella.

Acu & Eiman

Kids meal tak sempat nak snap...
Sebab dah kena ngap dgn kids aka Eiman & Eizan.
After lunch, tengok superheroes competition.

Then lepak Cafe Bene pula.

Si budak dobot 2 orang ni.



Daddy is working this weekend.
We went to Tgv, Jaya and watched Cinderella.
Nice movie :)

Happy ending....
Lama tak tengok fairy tale movie.

School hols mood....



Splash during the hot weather


Twins outing with frens. The foods.

Hi all,
This happened yesterday.

Please meet the girls:

Elin, the sushi

Erin,t he fried chicken

And Atinah the pizza.
They meet up at Jaya since 10am - 5pm.
Later another girl, Dhiya showed up.
They miss their good old times at SSP.

Who's sitting next to u?

Sweet Atinah

Mr Kim Soo Hyun & his Mrs.

Erin met her senior, K Nurin.

Mirror in the lif.
Selfie in the lift.

Dhiya & Erin.
Erin is the shorter one :P


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