Wedding Anniversary

25th March 2013
From our children
for our anniversary.

Mommy & Daddy love all of u.

Eizan's Sports Day 2013

Event: Tadika UM Sports Day 2013
Date: 23rd March 2013
Venue: Arena UM

The medals & gifts

Bee group

Grasshopper group

Ladybird Group

Butterfly Group

Eizan is waiting for his turn.
There are 3 rounds for each years : 4 yo, 5 yo then 6yo.
Total of 9 games.
Finale is the tarik tali :)

Opening : Marching

Negaraku song

1Malaysia song

Pom pom dance

After the marching & singing... Games start with 4 years old.
Then 5 years old....
Finally, Eizan's turn.

Game 1 (6 years old): Bee won LAST (4th) place. heheee...

Bee group won 2nd place. Yippi!

Fishing.... Bee group got 2nd place

Tarik!!!!!! Only for 5 & 6 years old

Bee group won FIRST place. Well done!

Daddy's game... Run... Make a bracelet from beads... & run....

We are the CHAMPION!
Bee group got GOLD medal.

With Teacher Agnes.

With Mommy - big fan of Bee (Yellow) group.

Enjoy your weekend people!


The TWINS in the family

Our TokMama & PakLong are twins.
TokMama is Mommy's mom.

This is their picture with Wan (TokMama's father) in 1948.
TokMama (left), arwah Wan, PakLong(right).


Makan2 hujung minggu

Good buddy

Abang Eiman's good buddy, Qayyim.


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