Caftan for Girls....

Daddy bought this when he was in Trengganu... We like it very much!
Now we can becaftan-buddy with Mommy :)

Thank you Daddy..



Dinner @ Rebung, Bangsar

Daddy with Uncle Syed & Uncle Zaini

The Daddies & Mommies

Freshly grilled... 

Laksa & soto

Lauk-lauk kampung.... Sedap sgt :)

Ulam, kerabu, nasi lemak bungkus, etc...

Kuih-muih section

Chef Ismail

Mommy's plate

Daddy's plate - 2nd round... 1st round tak sempat nak ambil gambar :P


Sebelum balik, Chef Ismail ajak ambil gambar kat dalam :)

He is very nice

Some of his recipe books

Kuali... Banyaknye...


Happy 4th Birthday to our little E.I.Z.A.N

Jamoca Almond Fudge & Chocolate Mousse Royale at BR

Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday dear EIZAN...
Happy birthday to you...

We love u so much!

Cuti Sekolah Episode 5: Mould & paint

We are doing another art work: mould & paint glitter fairy.

First, we have to add water to the mixture & stir.

Kakak Erin stir first ok.

Then Eizan's turn. Kakak Elin add more water...

Stir.. stir.. & stir...

Then put the misture into the would - nice & neat.

Eizan do it too....

Then dry the fairies.... until it's hard & ready to paint :)

Cuti Sekolah Episode 4: Games at home

 4Es playing PS3... While si kecik Eizan jadi tukang sibuk. heheee...

The girls with their Nintendos. 
Nanti dah buka sekolah, no more games ok :)


Cuti Sekolah Episode 3: Art activity

Daddy is not around for 4 days... 4Es are at home - no school for 2 weeks... Mommy have to make them busy, not just TV, computers and games....
Hmmm... Luckily Mommy bought this at local store.

Pink for girls and blue for boys...

The twin is preparing for their door.

Look at our butterflies...

Kakak Elin start first.

Erin stick the second one :)

It's in 3D.

Tarraaaaaaaaaa.. It's done. Our new door. 

The boys turn now.

Eizan controls everything since Abang Eiman is not capable of sitting on the floor :P

Carry me Mommy.
 I'm sticking the aeroplane :)

Abang Eiman's turn now.

Is it my turn now?


The boys room is done :)


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