Eizan & His Creation


New 'baby' in the house

It started with this...

 Big smiles... Hoping to bring the cat home...

4E love animals. Especially the eldest Kakak Elin. 
They asked for pets long time ago. 
Mommy just allow F-I-S-H. 
But this time they wanted a C-A-T.

Daddy says YES
Elin says YES
Erin says YES
Eiman says YES
Eizan says YES
5 YESs
Mommy says NO
5 YES vs 1 NO
YES wins!

The result:

So Mommy has to make R-U-L-E-S: 
  1. She must be in the cage when Mommy is downstairs
  2. No upstairs
  3. No sofa
  4. All of them must take care of her
  5. Mommy will think of more rules *wink*
Daddy came home with a bigger cage.
Everyone is so excited!
Except 'you-know-who'.

Our new baby is 3 months old. She has no name yet.

 Daddy assembling the new house for her.
3 storey cage.
Just for his children.
To make them happy.

 Happy faces :)

 Thank you Daddy.
We love u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!
For getting us a kitten.

You-know-who is not so happy while typing this entry.
But for her children:
Mommy loves all of u!


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