Cuti sekolah Episod 1: Jalan-jalan di Bangsar

 While waiting for Daddy... Erin is the photographer :)

 Elin's turn to snap the picture.

 Daddy & Mommy

 4 Kay-E: Abang Eiman busy main games je... Ish...

 New charm bracelet... Bought yesterday at Amcorp Mall Flea Market...

 4 Kay-E: SMILE....

 Abang Eiman dah lari... hehee...

 Budak kecik yang banyak akal.

 Main games lagi.... Hmmmmmmmmmm........


We enjoy our school holidays :)


When Eizan is @ Mommy's office


Birthday Celebration: Erika

Arrgghhhhh.. Mommy has many pictures... but dont have much time to upload in the blog. 

Last April, we were invited by CikLa for Erika's second birthday party. It was a small family gathering... 4E were so happy to meet their cousins. We bought magnetic blocks and drawing set for them.

The birthday girl with her 'stunt': drawing using both hand :)

This is Eizan with a bright yellow ball :)

They have so much FUN!

Erika's birthday cake

Happy birthday Erika. We love u so much!


While waiting..........

 While waiting for the pizza to arrive on our table... Eizan pretending he's eating...

He's making faces.. Lots of faces...


Mommy... I'm hungy.. :( 
Where's my pizza?


New hair cut


Family: Daddy & his 4 little sisters

Daddy has 4 little sisters: CikLa, CikDa, Memi & Acu.

This is our small family... 
Daddy & Mommy: 4 E
CikLa & Uncle Zam: 3 Mek
CikDa & Uncle Kama: 2 K

This is our dinner for the nite...


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