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Mommy is 39!

After raya open house, we went to Paradigm Mall to celebrate Mommy's 39th birthday.
A day earlier.
Next year Mommy will be 40!!!
No matter how big the number is, Mommy will always love all of u.

Thank you Elin, Erin, Eiman & Eizan :)


Aidilfitri 2014 Day 14: Raya lagi - Eda's place

Last Sunday, we were invited for raya open huse at Auntie Eda's place.
Twins' friend - Dhiya.
Eiman & Eizan's friends too.

The twins with Muqris and Dhiya

With tuan rumah, lovely Eda.
Delicious food.
Thanks for inviting us :)


Aidilfitri 2014 Day7: Shopping

Dah dapat duit raya, nak kena belanja. 
They requested for Toys r us.
Went to Jaya Mall.

 Dah settle membeli belah, baru nak lunch.

Merajuk pula budak kecik ni...


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