1/2 day @ Trafford Centre with Eizan

These pictures were taken on our wedding anniversary. 3Es can't joined us as they were at school. So, we have to tag Eizan along... There's no more romantic moment [just the TWO of us].... .......... Lets face the fact Mommy!

Daddy took Mommy to Trafford Centre & we had our lunch at Nandos...

TWO different emotion! ... Happy vs serious.

It's very windy even it's sunny . Daddy took a few pictures before Mommy & Eizan went away by the wind!

*At this time all of us were crossing the sea .
Stay tune for our holiday pictures...

Special Edition: Wedding Anniversary

To my beautiful children,
Elin, Erin, Eiman & Eizan,
to my family, friends
to my lovely readers,
This is 'our' story...


Venue: Sekolah Tun Syed Sheh Shahabuddin, Bukit Mertajam, Penang (SokSek)
This is the place where Daddy first met Mommy. Both of us were in the same class - 1 Putih. Daddy was the famous guy while Mommy was a quiet girl in the class . We did not talk much during school time .

Can you spot where's Daddy & Mommy in this picture? This is our first picture together in one frame - even there's a distance between us. heheee...

After finished school, we have lost contact. There's no chemistry between us yet!
Year: 1999
Venue: Pantai Dalam, KL
After soooo many years, we met again during Ramadhan - a small reunion with ex-SokSek members.

Year: Still 1999
Venue: Bangsar, Midvalley, KLCC, 1 Utama
We did go out for dinner sometimes.
In September 1999, I continue my study in Bath. I did not tell Daddy personally that I was leaving.. I don't know why... So, we did not communicate for a year!

Year: 2000
Venue: Kajang
In November 2000, Mommy came back from UK. Another small reunion with ex-SokSek members - satay Kajang time! Daddy was there too. After everybody was full with satay, Daddy send me home. Starting from that day, we start calling each other

Year: 2001
Venue: Kajang
Since Nov 2000 [about 2 months] having a 'special' relationship, we decided to tie the knot. In early January 2001, Daddy's mom came to my house & send the ring to Mommy. We are getting engage within a few weeks!

The Engagement Day
Venue: Subang Bestari
A small ceremony were taken. Too many things to do. The time flies so fast... Alhamdulillah everything went smoothly. We were engaged!

 The Wedding Day
25 - 03 - 2001
Venue: Sungai Nibong, Penang
The day finally arrived. We took about 2 months to settle everything after the engagement day. So tired but excited. Daddy's family came all the way from Besut & Kajang. The house in Penang were full of family & friends. It was the most memorable day in our life. We are now husband & wife .

26 - 05 - 2001
Venue: Kajang, Selangor
Another wedding ceremony was in Kajang. Now, it's turn for Mommy's family come the wedding all the way from Penang.

Before Mommy & Daddy celebrate our first wedding anniversary, Elin & Erin were already in the family. Four of us celebrated our first wedding anniversary... Eiman & Eizan came after a few years... We love you so much!

Present day
Today is the 8th year of our wedding anniversary. We have SIX members in the family. We received TWO Happy Anniversary cards from Elin & Erin.

From Elin (the top card):
Daddy (with the long hair) & Mommy wearing tudung .
The present for Daddy - a camera! and flowers for Mommy... It's so lovely...

From Erin (the bottom card):
Both Daddy & Mommy got a present! A box with ribbon... She cut a heart shape & paste it on the card . It's so sweet...


Picnic @ Fairy Lane

It's sunny today.. Yippi!!!!
Balik sekolah je, kanak-kanak ribena dibenarkan terus ke backyard.. Lisa ikut balik ke rumah hari ni. Mommy got extra baby to take care today . The kids were very happy! Ada kawan & it's sunny!

Erin bersantai sementara tunggu nasi siap.. Lambat la Mommy ni .
Enjoy the pictures folks! Happy sunny day .

22:03:2003 Happy Mother's Day to all Mommies out there!


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