UPSR Result 2015

17th November 2015
Doa untuk Abang Eiman


Berdebar tunggu nama kena panggil dengan cikgu.
Ikut alphabet.

Khairol Eimannajwan

Tahniah Abang Eiman :)

33 out of 195 calon UPSR 2015 dapat 5A.

Thank you Allah for lending Eiman a brain.
May he always remember the hardship in life.
Tak sombong dan leka.
Sentiasa ingat untuk bersyukur. 

Dah puas melompat happy, nampak Mommy terus nangis. heheee.
Mommy pun nangis sama.
Nangis sebab happy.
Syukur sangat.

Proud Mommy & Daddy.

With his good friends

Bff: Rajaei, Eiman & Adam

Bff: Eiman & Qayyim

Dengan Cikgu Razman 

Dengan Guru Besar, Puan Anum

Final picture...
Congratulations everyone.



Short meet up.
Humaira, Eizan & Hannah.


Teater Muzikal 'Jasa Putera'

8th November 2015

'Jasa Putera'
Please visit their fb.

Eizan & Vishal

Eizan, Vishal, Alya & friends

Before the show started.

Nice show.
We enjoyed the nite!

Well done everybody.


Sambungan: Budak merajuk


Wide Shawl Styles For Hijabistas

Everyone knows that the fashion industry in Malaysia has been focusing on the Islamic fashion trends. Most of our local designers are supporting this too. They created very beautiful pieces for Muslim women. If you compare 10 years back, it is very difficult to buy ready made pieces that is syariah compliance. Muslim women need clothes and hijab. In previous years, everbody used the word ‘tudung’ as the head cover. Or now the term is changed. We called it ‘hijab’ and the muslimah fashionista is called ‘hijabista’.
There are soooooooo many types of hijab. The styles change from time to time. The price also varies. You can buy ‘tudung instant’ or for more adventrous, you can buy the ‘tudung lilit’. Tudung lilit means you need to wrap it with your own style. Now, many shops sells a tudung look like ‘tudung belit’ but it’s actually an ‘instant tudung’. :P

Wide shawl is one of the hijab trends. It’s normal shawl but it’s wider than a normal shawl. So, you can style it in many ways as long as you cover your chest properly. Insya-Allah. Wide shawls have the modest touch. There are many hijabistas who share videos on how to style hijab in many different ways.

If you have no idea how to pull off a wide shawl look successfully with the current trend, take a look at these three wide shawl styles perfect for the hijabistas.

1.     Flower crown
The flower crown trend has seen a comeback since last year and hijabistas are rocking it at weddings, girls day out and important occasions. Accessorize your wide shawls by wearing a flower crown top and you will definitely have a sweet feminine look. Make sure you wear a plain wide shawl to perfectly balance the flower crown look. Have fun and reveal that soft innocence of your with this trendy hijab style.
*Pic from Zalora

or even simpler version like what Erin wore during Eizan’s 8th birthday party.

2.     Statement necklace
Meanwhile if you prefer to look more glamourous, you can always spice up your wide shawls with a nice statement necklace. Statement necklaces will absolutely enhance your simple look into a more improved touch. Flaunt this look to work, dinner parties or formal events and feel confident all day long. Besides that, this hijab look definitely shoes off your sophisticated mature side effortlessly.

Mommy wore the necklace from Lovisa during the previous 2013 KL Fashion Week.
But during this time, the wide shawl is not very famous yet.

3.     Headpiece
Other than that, you can always be a little daring by matching your wide shawl look with a pretty headpiece. It serves the same purpose as a flower crown but provide women a more exclusive look. The headpieces are great for hijabistas to wear to important occasions especially if you want to have that Egyptian element to your look. Rock it with confidence and be the center of attention.

Mommy wore this headpiece from Lovisa. But you can get more selection from Zalora. Find it under 'hair accessories'. You can get all these 3 types of accessories from Zalora. The necklace collection is awesome. You definitely buy more than 1. Hehehee.

Now, it’s so easy to shop your shawl. You don’t have to go to Jalan TAR to get one. Just go online and shop from Zalora. They have all types of hijab and their service is very fast. You will get your items at your doorstep as fast as tomorrow. What are you waiting for?

Happy shopping ladies…

Or gentlemen who want to buy for your love ones J


Paradigm: Family Day Out

 Waiting for our table

 Model Chillis

After lunch, we just walk around the mall.
Nothing much to do here.

Cheeky Eizan copying the mannequin :P


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