The Girls...

twin girls
They have so much fun together but sometimes they fight! Yes, twins do fight... But they love each other & their bond is very special. They have an extraordinary instinct. They feel sorry & lonely if one of them is sick. They help each other & do stuffs together.

Even they are twins & always wear the same clothes, Elin&Erin have different personality. They have their own preferences.

They like art a lot. Drawing, coloring, painting - any sort of things that use paper, color & make the house messy . Now they start to write a short stories... Mostly about their imagination & sometimes about our family. They use lotsssssss of papers in the house.

twin girls

twin girls

Elin&Erin ever lasting fav will be the TV. They can watch tv 24/7. Their fav show since small are:
1. Powerpuff Girls
2. Tom & Jerry
3. Spongebob Squarepants
4. Mr Bean

But now they are watching:
1. Lizzy McGuire
2. That's so raven
3. Zack & Cody
4. Hannah Montana
5. Cory in the House

Hmm.. Mommy's girls are getting bigger now... Is that a good sign? Oh dear, soon they will grow up & leave the house...

twin girls

One day, they asked Daddy to print something. It was a song lyric. They like to sing a lot - esp with the new karaoke set. Enjoy their moment singing this song: 'What Dreams Are Made Of'. Come & sing with Elin&Erin.

*Sila abaikan artis pakai baju tido. haha..

*Kamera Daddy blom ready lg . The pics were from the hard disk.
twin girls


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