London Short Trip

Last week we went to London - just for 1 day to renew our passports... A night before, we slept over at Andak's house at Plaistow. On Friday morning, we went by tube to the immigration office. From Plaistow station, we stopped at Hyde Park Corner station... The immigration office is just a walking distance from the station. After our mission completed, it's time for relax....

We decided to walk to a few places. Cuaca cantik & Eizan pun tak meragam. Our first destination was Buckingham Palace. It's around 11.45am, ramainya manusia.... Everybody was looking at the changing of guards. But since there were so many people, we can't see the guards. Dah le ketinggian kurang . Nak selit2 celah orang pun susah je.. Dengan pushchair Eizan lagi... So, just lepak2 kat garden area for about 10 minutes... Ada tulips!!! Cantik sangat...

Then we proceed to Big Ben... Ambil gambar sikit.. Cuaca agak panas masa ni.. 3E dah mula minta mcam-macam. Nak ais krim... Lapar lah... Nak duduk lah.. Nasib baik E yang kecik tu belum pandai minta lagi, Kalau tak, pening Daddy & Mommy.. hehee.

Mana nak cari food ni??? Jalan depan sikit, jumpa McDonalds.. Oklah dapat makan chips & ice cream Kanak2 pun gumbira & kenyang... Pas ni kena jalan lagi...

Sepanjang jalan, macam2 benda menarik. Bila tengok ramai je berkumpul kat satu2 tempat tu, mesti ada spot untuk ambil gambar.. Kami pun join the crowd... Takut juga nak bergambar dengan kuda tu. Dah le kena tunggu Q.. Ramai sungguh nak bergambar dgn guard & kuda ni.. Hehee.. Siap ada warning 'Horses may kick or bite!!!'.

Akhirnya sampailah ke Trafalgar Square.. Since Tourism Malaysia pun kat situ, Daddy bawa 3E ke dalam. Mommy & Eizan kena tunggu kat luar... Bangga dengan lokasi Tourism Malaysia depan Trafalgar Square .

Masa tak banyak dah.. Mana lagi nak gi ye? Hmmm.. Naik tube pula sebab semua dah tak larat nak jalan. . We stopped at Embankment station - towards London Bridge & Tower Bridge.... Kuat angin masa ni.. Sampai nak melayang badan! ...

Sepanjang sungai Thames, ada banyak tempat lepak2. Sume omputeh dah bersantai kat rumput dgn sunglasses... ... Eizan pun join the club. Hehehee... Akhirnya dia bebas. Asyik kena ikat dalam pushchair je.... Suka sangat dia dapat berlari. Lama jugalah kami duduk kat sini. Biar je 4E buat aktiviti masing2. Eizan asyik kejar burung.. Sampai terlepas pandang. Sedar2 dia dah tak de. Mommy dah panik!!! Berlari Daddy gi cari Eizan & jumpa dia tengah ikut burung... .

Around 4 pm, kami balik ke rumah Andak. Itulah je tempat2 kat London yang sempat kami gi dalam masa lebih kurang 4jam... Jadi lah kan? Insya-Allah boleh datang lagi.


Our Easter Holiday

Last week was a long holiday - it's Easter holiday! Starting from Friday to Monday - no school & no work! Yippi..... . We went to Daisy Nook Country Park, Oldham. The weather is not too sunny. Just nice for a walk... It's all earth colors: green, brown & more green .

There's a river called Medlock... The water is cold - but the children were too excited to explore the area & play with the water.

This little boy was excited as well. Taking off his shoes & socks, brave enough to soak his feet in the river.... Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr... It's cold...

Look at those scenery... Very calm & uninterrupted. Daddy took lots of pictures, but Mommy doesn't have so much time to upload all the pictures... ...

Eizan is always the centre of attraction! He can do many faces in different mood... Mommy loves the pictures every bits!!!!

On the way back to the parking, Eizan tortured Uncle Yusman & Uncle Zaini.. Heheheee... Pick me up!!! Pick me up!!! More & more.....

Have fun everyone & enjoy your day!


Our Spring Vacation - Bologne & Chateau Versailles (Part IV)

Our last day in Paris... Finally we're leaving the city. We have another two destinations. After breakfast, Daddy drove us to Bologne to Uncle Syed's friend, Auntie Duni. She stayed in a nice apartment with her two children. The apartment is surrounded with shops & cafe. It's very convenient. Shopping within walking distance!!! How wonderful ... Mommy saw mini macaroons in the cafe's display. It's so tempting especially with the colorful one. Oh dear! Mommy can't resist it. One box to take away please...


We just stayed for a short while. Lepas makan & sembang2, we headed to Chateau Versailles. The place is very huge & full of statues... We were very lucky as at that time, there was a musical fountain concert.. The whole place was surrounded with nice music at all time...



Cuaca dah sejuk sedikit masa ni.. Macam tau je kami dah nak balik Manchester - matahari dah malas nak keluar... Semua kena pakai jaket semula.. Oh dear!


Mommy suka sangat dengan aksi 2 beradik ni... Tengok le muka Eizan yang nakal main dengan Abang Eiman... Abang Eiman suap Eizan makan crepe... Sedap je budak kecik tu nganga mulut!


The final part of our Paris holiday - Mommy wanted to say thank you for Daddy for those lovely pictures.... Without those pictures, there's no memories to remind us on wonderful our trip was... Thank you Daddy.. We love you so much!! Do take more pictures... .

The end.


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