Celebration.. With Auntie Fidah. Part 1: Cinema

Mommy plan this with Auntie Fid.
Saturday.Dine. Movie.
While waiting for Aunty Fid, we take pictures at The Gardens.

When she arrived, it's eating time.
Just had some snack.

Movie time.
We are watching The Hunger Game: Catching Fire

4e with Aunty Fid.

We had so much fun!
The movie is so good.
Cant wait for Hunger Game 3!!!!

GLOW in the dark

Just having fun at nite!

Daftar Sekolah Menengah

Eizan daftar sekolah menengah?
Eh silap orang la...
Seperti biasa Eizan jadi tukang sibuk. heheee.

Daftar si kembar ke sekolah menengah.
Gi sekolah rendah, ambil fail berhenti sekolah.
Then ke MidValley claim hadiah & lunch :P

Seperti biasa, orang lain dapat gift, Eizan pun dapat juga.
Tak aci betul!


Seaweed Club anyone?

There's a new food cart at Midvalley.
Always pass by but never stop to buy.
Told by a friend that it is nice.
So, Mommy bought this home.
The spicy one - but not spicy at all. Hehehe.
The twins doesn't like it.
So, it will be Mommy new snack.
Luv it!


Wedding at KGPA

Hari Sabtu yang sibuk.
1. Kenduri kahwin, kawan Mommy
2. Konsert Eizan

Jadi Mommy terpaksa tinggalkan Eizan, 
sebab Eizan kena gi Auditorium awal untuk preparation concert.
Mommy gi wedding dengan kawan-kawan je.

Pengantin lelaki, Uncle Amir.

Pas wedding, bergegas Mommy ke konsert Eizan pula. 
Nasib baik dekat je.
Berjaya sampai on time!


Eizan's Concert & Graduation Day

16th November 2013
Eizan's Tadikum Concert & Graduation Day


One of the best moment.
Alhamdulillah, Eizan just finished his pre-education session.
2 years at Tadikum.
No more nursery rhymes, no more kindy.
Next year he will be in Standard 1.
Even he doesn't like to wear shirt with buttons & collar :P

The ceremony starts with speech, doa and certificate giveaway

This is my boy!
Khairol Eizannajwan

The performance starts with choir:
1. Selamat datang semua
2. Mummy, Daddy I love u
3. Hello my friend

Then nasyid 'Rukun Iman'

Other performance from Eizan's friends

Eizan's Cultural Dance.
Malay, Chinese and Indian dance.
Eizan, the Chinese dancer.
He's been practicing the dance for a few months.
So proud of him.

After the dance everyone went on stage & sing with the teachers.
'I can see clearly now'.
What a great performance.
Everybody enjoyed the show.
Well done children & teachers.

Eizan & his favorite teacher, Teacher Agnes.
Eizan will miss Teacher Agnes a lot!
Thank you teacher.


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