KL Fashion Week 2013

Date: 23 June 2013
Venue: Pavilion, KL

Mommy went with Aunty Fid.
Accidentally met Aunty Nana & Aunty Naza.
Have a nice girls day out after a huge bad day.

Kids behaved at home.
Mommy loves u!

Mommy & Aunty Fid

Elaine as MC of the day

With Aunty Naza & Nana

Tea after.



My children email me this picture:

Masuk esok, dah 2 hari tak sekolah.
Jerebu teruk dari Sabtu haritu.


21 June 2013

My dear children,
Elin, Erin, Eiman & Eizan.

Mommy loves all of u.

Loves, hugs & kisses,

Happy birthday My Cutie Pie: Khairol Eizannajwan

16 June 2013
Eizan is 6

We had a small celebration at home.
Mommy, 4e & Acu.
Bought a cake for this special boy.


The next day, he requested for this & claimed his birthday present. 
We went to toys r us.


Berpuluh kali tawaf dalam toys r us ni.. Susah betul nak decide...
Finally he picked play dough set with the machine thingy.
Dah lupa nak snap picture. hehee.

Happy birthday my dear Eizan.
May Allah be with you forever.


The Loaf

We went to paradigm again last weekend. 
Acu with the twins.

The boys with Mommy.
At the loaf.
Eizan & his shadow...


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