Jalan-jalan cari makan

Yati Ayam Percik
Makan-makan with CikNini, CikWan, Aini & Rayyan


Mandi manda di Tiara Beach Resort


The Legend Resort Cherating

We were at The Legend, Cherating for Mommy's company family day. We love beach, games, presents, swimming, water, ice cream, swimming pool, swimming pool, swimming pool, swimming pool, swimming pool, swimming pool, swimming pool and swimming pool... hehee..

Day 2 (morning): Games * Sand castle*

Eizan didn't want to be seperated with his sisters... The twin doesn't want to be seperated as well. So, they were in the same group :P. Abang Eiman with another group. Good boy!

Look at our sand castle! *proud*

Abang Eiman's group sand castle

Then we have to go back to the meeting point waiting for the result... 
Look at this little feet.. 2nd time experience with s-a-n-d... He's a bit $%^&*(.....

Yeay!! Abang Eiman got 4th place... Small present...

The 3e group WON this game! They are in 1st place.. Big present for them... *CLAP*CLAP*


After that........
SPLASH time....

Day2: afternoon

While waiting for BBQ dinner...

Eizan & his LOLLIPOP.... Best friend 4ever... :)

Day 3: Morning
Swimming pool again



Look at his mouth!!! LOL

Mommy's cheeky baby!

While for Daddy to go back home....

Before leaving:
6 of us.....

Our Mommy & Daddy....

On the way back. Stop for ice-cream...............
That's our weekend...


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