Abang Burn

Rasanya ramai yang dah makanburger bakar abang burn ni....
Tapi kami baru 1st time sampai. hahahaa.
Order burger daging & meatballs.
Burger ok sedap.
Meatballs tu ada terjumpa bbrp gumpalan lemak yg tak boleh hadam, so mcm turn off sikit :(
Overall, sedap. 
But not tersangat sedap sampai tak tido malam. hehee.

Ramainya manusia q nak beli burger kat sini.
Tak putus2 orang masuk.
Rezeki owner kedai ni.


Paradigm Mall Visit

Mommy & her sisters met up at Paradigm Mall. 
The children met up with their cousins.
But all split up.
The bigger one went to GCS for Ironman.
The little ones follow the mommies.

Before Abang Eiman went to watch Ironman. 
Have fun with Eizan at the ample space inside the mall.

Mommies at the loaf.
Sedapnye roti2 kat sini :)

The little ones...

School Holiday - Book store visit

Our fav bookstore: Bookxcess, Amcorp mall, PJ
Fav place after: Uncle Chillies.

The twins collecting Jacqueline Wilson's series.
Now they are more towards the haunted/horror/witches series.

Eizan as usual, plain paper & colors.
He's one happy bunny.
Kakak Erin with her new obsession.
Collecting all the mustache thingy.
She got rings, earrings, necklace, button badge and what else?


Eizan & his art project

This is Eizan. 
His best friends are pen, colors, paper, paint & anything art related.
 Found this mould & paint thingy from the store.
Bought looooooooong time ago. hehee.
So Mommy had to make the dough for mould, let it dry & Eizan do the painting.

Kakak Erin helped Eizan. Alphabets & numbers.
He loves to do it.
Any kind of artwork - Eizan is the master!


Hair cut

Cepat betul rambut panjang. 
Seperti biasa, bawa Eizan gunting rambut kat mamak. 

How do i look?

Krabi Day3: Krabi Town, Outlet, souvenir store.

WHile waiting for the shuttle to arrive, we discovered area in the hotel.

The outlet village.

The driver took us here. but dont really feel like eating. 
So we asked him to take to other place.

Sempat snap a few dishes only.
Perut dah lapar. 
Panas pula tu...
Then jln2 kat krabi town.
Pun tak best, tak sampai setengah jam dah taktau nak gi mana :(

Stopped at a souvenir shop.

Balik hotel, masuk air lagi....

Esok dah nak balik rumah.

The end.


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