Eizan dah sihat... Alhamdulillah...

On Tuesday - there's snow in Manchester... Even it's just about an inch thick - but it's snowing in December! Hehe.. The 3 E's were so excited in the morning to go to school - wanna build a snowman.. But sorry, the snow was not enough to make a snowman...

This morning, the weather was bright & sunny. The snow was still there - turned into ice... Since Eizan bam-bam was already fit to do his daily routine, Mommy & Daddy took him to the park.

Eizan can't wait to be free. He was so excited when he saw many pigeons in the park. But Mommy was scared that he might slipped as the grass was still covered with ice. He wanted to catch the pigeons!!!

When he's free - he chased all those pigeon... & no longer turn back to Mommy... hehehe..



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