We are moving... Part 2

We have lots of pictures... But sometimes the Internet at home is soooooooooooooooo slow :(
We are waiting for Unifi... Hopefully it can solve our Internet problem. hehee.

 Daddy in busy mode

Boy's room in the making...

Eizan's corner...

It's me!!! EIZAN :)
The happy Eizan...

Mommy is very busy with boxes.. & lots of boxes.. There are still lots of unopened boxes.
Happy people everyone!


MamaTiaMia said...

itaa..samalah maxis slow jugak,..nak upload gamba kena golek gelantang baru siap:)..wahhh banyaknya boxes..tapi seronok kan hias rumah baru:) paling suka tengok bebudak tu tidur:)..ita i pun suka white dressing table with mirror tu..cantik kan..kalau tengok furniture memang semua nak beli..kat ikea pulak mcm2 idea boleh dapat;) selamat menghias rumah;)

Polish Twins said...

Very nice pictures, and beautiful children:)
Greetings from Polish!
We wish you much luck and have a nice day.We hope you will visit our blog and add a comment.

4 Kay-E said...

ye la... terus hilang mood bila nak upload pic, internet probs :(

4 Kay-E said...

Thanks for visiting us here :)

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