Family nite out

We are going out for a birthday party...

Have a nice weekend everyone!

We are leaving to Cherating this weekend :)


Nurhayati said...

suka bday party.
makan makan makan

wah cherating, best3x
enjoy ur holiday sis!!

Polish Twins said...

Very nice picture of Polish greet;)Your twins are very sweet and beautiful:)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi 4Kay-E, wow, Cherating! I love that place....and the beach there really beautiful. Another place is Tanjong Jara, used to stay there very often too.
Nice pics of your kids, and your girls someday will give boys heart palpitations.
Hey, good loking hubby you have. Love his hairstyle.
You have fun, jangan lupa the suntan lotion....

eim said...

oh cuti kat cherating eh bestnyee ...

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