The Secret Life of Nora

Date: 18th October 2011
Venue: Istana Budaya, Kuala Lumpur

By: Mommy

This blog is always about my children. But today I want to keep this as one of my memories. I love to watch movies and theater especially the musical one. My favorite is Mamma Mia :). This is my first experience watching theater in Istana Budaya. I went with Fid. I must say it is very good. I've watched a few theaters in UK, but this one is excellent. The sound system is very good. Actor/Actress sang very well. Everything is so perfect!

Love it so much :)

Tiara Jacquelina: Nora
Ryan Silverman: Roger (a British agent)
Adibah Noor: Nora's PA
Aznil Nawawi: Mr J
The story line is interesting. Love the music & everybody sings very well. Adibah Noor is so funny. Aznil with his 'r' problem.. Make me LOL... 

 During the break.


The end.


mummy2k said...


SiTi said...

best ke cite ni kak

4 Kay-E said...

Mummy2k: mmg best...

4 Kay-E said...

Siti: Seronok & enjoy sgt. sebab ada elemen kelakar from Adibah & Aznil :)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi 4KayE, Looks like a beautiful theatre.....and regret I have never heard of this fault as I stopped reading the papers a long time ago after retiring.
Here we have so many theatres and shows, kalau nak tengok semua boleh bankrupt!
Hey, you look good in the pics...very stylish and classy.
Have a nice day.

4 Kay-E said...

HI Uncle Lee,
It's a nice place & great show.
Yup so true.. kalau semua nak tengok & buy the best seat mmg bankrupt! hahaa...

But i really love this show a lot.
Have a nice day to u too.

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