Abang Eiman's achievement

Last week Mommny went to Abang Eiman's school for the 'Majlis Anugerah Kecemerlangan'. He got 5As & second place in his class. Congratulations Abang Eiman. We are so proud of u. Keep up the good work!


Uncle Lee said...

Hello 4KayE, you not only have a very good looking boy with a killer smile, but exceptionally smart.
Congratulations to your boy! Outstanding! Any mother would love a son like this, every mother's dream.
I can see he has his mom's good looks too.

Looks like a future Engineer or a doctor in the family one day.
Best regards,

4 Kay-E said...

Thanks a lot Uncle Lee.
We are very happy with his performance...
Hope he will become a good person :)

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