Birthday Party

Event: Zeydan's 1st Birthday Party
Venue: KDE, Ampang
Theme: Lady bug & bee

Happy Birthday Zeydan :)
Gorgeous mom & her baby

Face painting

Meet Mr Clown


Chat & eat


With Daddy

Boys will be boys

Mommy & Aunty Noli....

Thank you for inviting us.


MamaTiaMia said...

itaa bestnyerr besday ni..the kids mesti enjoy habis2 kan and comel semua kena paint muka..especially the green bee tu:):) hee hee thanks for the entry..tu lah budak tu bad mood pulak that day..budak perempuan kadang2 moody jugak:):)

Nurhayati said...

bestnyer nengok bday party ni..
sukaaaaa sbb dapat makan dan makan dan makan hehehe
dan suka jua face painting.. kalau yati ada situ harus nak buat jugak.. hahaha mengalahkan budak lagaknya kan :p

Mother of Two said...

ngat birthday twin tadi. bestnya meriah gitu.. dan yg pastinya mesti hubby akak yg amik gambarkan... serius mmg pro gitu.

4 Kay-E said...

Yati: Budak2 mmg enjoy sgt. Byk entertainment for them Space pun lapang je utk berlari2.. hehe.

Ada juga adult yg buat face painting tu :)
Yati pun boleh.

4 Kay-E said...

MamaTiaMia: Kanak2 & sume mmg enjoy je kat party tu. Main2, makan2... hehee.

Next time we meet up again.. twins with twins.

4 Kay-E said...

Mother of 2: Shila... Mesti kembang tukang ambil gambar. hehee.

Birthday twins takde lah berparty2 nnt. Dah besar pun ;)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi 4Kay-E, wow! Love the pics, and yes, aunty Noli sure one traffic stopper attractive lady.
Hey, you hubby looks very young, very good looking too.
And your kids can see having fun.
Happy birthday to Zeydan.
Best regards.

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