World Walking Day 2012

Event: World Walking Day 2012
By: Nestle 
Date: 28th of October
Location: Putrajaya – Istana Kehakiman Persiaran Perdana, Precint 3

Last Saturday we went to Putrajaya to support the event by Nestle.
We went with MakNgah family.

After the registration, we got our tshirt & ready to WALK :)

Eizan is waiting patiently.
He was straight from bed as we need to be there early in the morning.

Mommy & MakNgah

Mommy met her friend, the famos blogger Redmummy

With Redmummy's family

Walk... walk... walk...

Yeay!!! 1000 steps.

 Erin & Kakak Nuha

 2000 steps.... Well done!

 Eizan & Hannah. 
Larat je berjalan pelan2. 
Sambil sembang + main...
Berpeluh2 jalan dgn Hannah.

Eizan is a very good boy.
Tak suruh Mommy dukung pun.
Dah sampai kat penamat, nampak Daddy je, terus sakit kaki. hehee.


Some quizes and free goodies. Later the lucky draw & we didn't win any :(

Eizan & Mommy.

 Iced Milo + sunny days = Superb!

 Till we meet again

 Dah penat sangat....

Daddy pula carry si kecik Eizan.
Let's go home.


Nurhayati said...

yati ingat nak pegi
tp memandangkan yg tak pernah cukup tido ni
tak pegi huhuhuhu

4 Kay-E said...

Ahaaa.. Yati mmg awal pagi.
Kitaorg balik dari Trengganu, esoknya semangat ke Putrajaya :)

Uncle Lee said...

Hello 4K-E, Hah! I didn't even know there's a world walking day.
But this a good idea too....
Love the pics here, really very nice.
Can see you all having fun.
Keep well,

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