Eizan's Sports Day 2013

Event: Tadika UM Sports Day 2013
Date: 23rd March 2013
Venue: Arena UM

The medals & gifts

Bee group

Grasshopper group

Ladybird Group

Butterfly Group

Eizan is waiting for his turn.
There are 3 rounds for each years : 4 yo, 5 yo then 6yo.
Total of 9 games.
Finale is the tarik tali :)

Opening : Marching

Negaraku song

1Malaysia song

Pom pom dance

After the marching & singing... Games start with 4 years old.
Then 5 years old....
Finally, Eizan's turn.

Game 1 (6 years old): Bee won LAST (4th) place. heheee...

Bee group won 2nd place. Yippi!

Fishing.... Bee group got 2nd place

Tarik!!!!!! Only for 5 & 6 years old

Bee group won FIRST place. Well done!

Daddy's game... Run... Make a bracelet from beads... & run....

We are the CHAMPION!
Bee group got GOLD medal.

With Teacher Agnes.

With Mommy - big fan of Bee (Yellow) group.

Enjoy your weekend people!


Nurhayati said...

wallah comel giler semuanya.
cayala team Bee menang.

cik nini said...

that was fun...!!

4 Kay-E said...

Yati: Tapi kanak2 ribena ni tak excited pun menang. hehee.
Maybe sebab semua orang dapat hadiah.
Kelakar je tengok.

4 Kay-E said...

CikNini: Mummy & Daddy enjoyed more than Eizan.
Yup, it's fun to see their innocent faces!
tak tau menang ke kalah... menonong je.

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