The Loaf

We went to paradigm again last weekend. 
Acu with the twins.

The boys with Mommy.
At the loaf.
Eizan & his shadow...


Madam Sooyaree said...

Hahaha.. kalau I ada kat Malaysia, memang kat situ je la bertandang. Dekat giler dengan rumah my mom, confirm tak jam! :P

4 Kay-E said...

Madam Sooyaree,
Owhhh.. Dekat dgn ur mom's hse ye. tapi mmg best lepak sini.... tak serabut sgt mcm midvalley. hehee.

Nurhayati said...

comel je Acu..

Uncle Lee said...

Hi 4KayE, Thsat must be a new mall in KL? Ta'pernah dengar nama tu.
All I remember was Thrifty supermarket, Jaya supermarket in PJ. Only 2 supermarkets that time.
Your kids look like they really enjoying themselves.
Great looking kids, ikut mak dia.
Have a nice weekend, simpan satu lagu dalam hati.

4 Kay-E said...

Ahaa , twins dah nak sama besar dgn Acu.
Masih belajar di UiTM.

4 Kay-E said...

Uncle Lee,
Jaya supermarket is no longer exist. they built a new mall now. Trifthy pun dah takde.... Long time ago.

Now, there are so many new malls. So many rich people here. hehee.

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