Berbuka di Serai

Went to Jaya after school last week.
Our first iftar outside.
Mommy is out of menu, so we eat out :)

The new refurbished Jaya Shopping Mall at section 14 is superb! 
Lots of interesting shops.
Went to a bookstore while waiting for breaking fast.

Serai provide ala-carte and buffet for this Ramadhan.
We choose the ala carte menu.

 Eizan's kids menu - fish and chips

 Mommy's nasi kerabu

 Erin's thai fried rice

 Kakak's cuppacino - sedap :)

 Kakak's noodle soup

Eiman's carbonara.
Alhamdulillah for the food.
The prayer room in on the 6th floor.
A nice place to hangout with family.


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