Cuti Sekolah Episode 3: Art activity

Daddy is not around for 4 days... 4Es are at home - no school for 2 weeks... Mommy have to make them busy, not just TV, computers and games....
Hmmm... Luckily Mommy bought this at local store.

Pink for girls and blue for boys...

The twin is preparing for their door.

Look at our butterflies...

Kakak Elin start first.

Erin stick the second one :)

It's in 3D.

Tarraaaaaaaaaa.. It's done. Our new door. 

The boys turn now.

Eizan controls everything since Abang Eiman is not capable of sitting on the floor :P

Carry me Mommy.
 I'm sticking the aeroplane :)

Abang Eiman's turn now.

Is it my turn now?


The boys room is done :)


Uncle Lee said...

Hi 4Kay-E, I like your shiny parquet floor and your light pastel green wall colour. You have good taste.
And I can tell you, your daughters when reach 18 going to give a lot of boys heart bypass, arhaaaa ha ha ha.

You really got great looking kids there.
What formula you use?
Ahhhhh, ini la tentu ikut mummy's traffic stopper looks, add hubby's George Clooney looks, habis cherita....ha ha.
School break now?
Here too another few weeks Summer holidays, tiga bulan!
If you here sure have to think what to get to entertain the kids, 3 months, ha ha.
Have a great week.

Nurhayati said...

wah best2x..
glamour girl dipintu tu..
cantik ngan butterflies..

boy door room pun cantik.
ada hot air balloon, aeroplane..
wah cantik2 stickernya.

best deco bersama anak2.
mesti 4Es semua excited.
cuti sekolah ni meriah la umahkan.

Juju said...

Hi K Ita!! goodness, the kids dah besar...lama tak jumpa akak kan? take care!!

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