Cuti Sekolah Episode 4: Games at home

 4Es playing PS3... While si kecik Eizan jadi tukang sibuk. heheee...

The girls with their Nintendos. 
Nanti dah buka sekolah, no more games ok :)


Uncle Lee said...

Hi 4Kay-E, love the pics here. Kids of today all very good at computer games.
To think back in the 60s, people had to go to typing school to learn typing.
I can imagine the heavy traffic in your home with 4 kids, ha ha...
the lineups in the morning for the bathrooms, the rush, rush get ready for school.
But I'm sure you having fun. You have great kids there, and bet the girls have their mom's traffic stopper looks, ha ha.
You have a pleasant week.
Keep well.

Nurhayati said...

wahhh leh zara leh geng ngan akak2 n abg2 ni.
kaki game jua sikecik ni.

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