Aidilfitri 2011

This year, we celebrate Aidilfitri in PJ. No 'balik kampung' song... No traffic jam... No stopping at the beach... Cik Nini's family came from Singapore to celebrate with us. We have CikNini, CikWan, Aini & Rayyan. Yeay!

4 Kay-e

Kakak Erin & Eizan - budak kecik yang tak sabar2 nak pakai baju baru :P

Our family... 6 of us.

Kids in action

Mommy, Daddy, CikWan & CikNini

Daddy & Mommy [this is the picture after *wink*]

This is the picture before... Daddy, Mommy with Eizan

Eizan's skirt - gone! Pakai sekejap je.... Ish....

Time for duit raya :)

Money.. money.. money...

Kakak Erin

Kakak Elin

2 families all together

Salam Aidilfitri from all of us.


Uncle Lee said...

Hello 4KayE, I really enjoyed looking at your beautiful family portraits. You all look read nice, and really great looking kids too.
Can see your hubby on the slim side, ha ha.....good looking gentleman too. And he sure has a lovely isteri.

You orang 'Ganu? Ta'balek kampong this time?
Anyway, I'm sure you all had a fabulous hari raya.
Love your children's raya clothes, and the 2 girls's bajus very nice.
Have a nice day.

Nurhayati said...

akak akakkkk besrna gambar raya kamu semua.
like banyak kaliiii!!!!!

:cahya schatz: said...

OMG.. u look gorjes,puan..
ur baju is sooooo perfect n the color also cantek..


Polish Twins said...


4 Kay-E said...

Uncle Lee: My hub is always skinny! This raya we cannot go back to Tganu. Maybe on raya haji :)

4 Kay-E said...

Yati: Like ur comment :)

4 Kay-E said...

Cahya: Terima kasih :)

4 Kay-E said...

Polish twins: *hugs*

farah.razali said...

Aunty !! Have been a longgg time since jenguk blog aunty . Saya miss banyak entries ni . Hehehe~ Jarang online sekarang ni cuz saya baru je continue my first degree level in photography :)

I love all your family portrait ! Semua nampak cantik and handsome especially the twins and the boys :)

Aunty , you have a very beautiful family :)

farah.razali said...

Aunty , mmg saya minat nak jadi photographer . Kenapa aunty ? :)

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