Found this in my lappy...

Date: Nov 2007
Title: Abang & Adik
Place: Manchester Ford parking area 

Date: July 2008
Title: Lying on the floor
Place: Fairy Lane

Date: August 2009
Title: Budak kecik merajuk.
Place: MU Megastore

Date: April 2009
Title: Abang Eiman assembly
Place: Marlborough Road Primary School 

Date: Nov 2009
Title: Twins day out with Mommy
Place: Manchester City Centre


Mother of Two said...

rindu kat uk yer kak..huhuh jom kita booking air asia free seat travel may next year:)

cik nini said...

hahahaa.. eiman dengan pipi kueh pau tu.. eizan masa zaman yg he's really a bambam :P twins yg sentiasa kiut..
love u all *hugs*

4 Kay-E said...

MotherOf2: Miss UK badly... AA free seat tu payah le nak dpt :P

4 Kay-E said...

CikNini: Eiman the kuih pau pipi...
Hugs CikNini too...

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