Trick Art Museum

Holiday: CNY 2013
Location: I-city, Shah Alam

Multi-level parking.
We paid RM2 only. That's cheap!
After 6pm, it's RM10.

Ice age

Trick Art Museum, I-city
Entrance fee: RM5 per person

Not that big, but worth your RM5.
You can do crazy act & nobody cares. 
Everybody make crazy pose too. LOL.
4E enjoyed this a lot!

Naughty boys: Pulling off someone's pants. hahaa.

The artist

Escape from the window. heheee.


Down to the dark ....

Quick... I've pushed the secret door.


I'm going in the hole. heheee.

Opsieeee.. Need to balance myself!


Save me!

The angels

HULK in the making. LOL.

Eiman: Dont do that kakak!!!!

Eizan tak cukup tinggi. heheee.

Animal lovers

This is my money!!!!

Milk a cow

Money.. money.. money...

Eiman's turn



Helping an artist

Save me Robin...

Naughty Abang Eiman... hahaha.

 Naughty Kakak Erin

 Catch the shoes...

 Oh no!!!

 Kakak Elin feeds the giraffe



Daddy & Mommy


MamaTiaMia said...

Hi Ita, wahhh nampak best jer;) Itaaa you nampak kurus dan jelita;) apa rahsia:)

cik nini said...

this is so FUN!! tak sangka abg eiman pon pandai posing..

Nurhayati said...

seriously anak2 semua pandai berlakon. cayalah...

4 Kay-E said...

MamaTiaMia: Best tempat ni. Tapi taklah besar sangat.
Kurus & jelita? hahaaa....

4 Kay-E said...

Abang Eiman memang sangat gumbira berposing.
Sellaunya gamabr dia paling sikit, Tapi kat sini, gambar dia paling banyak!

4 Kay-E said...

Yati: Ahaaa.. Tiba2 sume sporting je nak pose gila2. hehee.

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