Krabi Day3: Krabi Town, Outlet, souvenir store.

WHile waiting for the shuttle to arrive, we discovered area in the hotel.

The outlet village.

The driver took us here. but dont really feel like eating. 
So we asked him to take to other place.

Sempat snap a few dishes only.
Perut dah lapar. 
Panas pula tu...
Then jln2 kat krabi town.
Pun tak best, tak sampai setengah jam dah taktau nak gi mana :(

Stopped at a souvenir shop.

Balik hotel, masuk air lagi....

Esok dah nak balik rumah.

The end.


Uncle Lee said...

Hello Kak, how you doin'? I enjoyed looking at all the pics here.
And it's only thru blogs like yours with beautiful pics I learn of places I have never been to or haven't been there decades.
Nice place here....and guess your gang enjoyed themselves. Love the clear waters of the laut. I really miss the sea too.
And you looking good.
Have a fun weekend.

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