Krabi Day2: Phi phi island tour

A shuttle fetched us from hotel around 8.30am.
Gathered at AoNang beach with other people.

Waiting for our names to be called.
We were in boat no 9.

Time to go.
Eizan scared at first. hehee.
It took about 45 minutes from AoNang beach to Phiphi island using speedboat.

First stop: Bamboo island (Koh Mai Pai) 

Little fishes.

Crystal clear water.

Suka sangat main pasir.

Bored face when on the boat.
We stopped at 2 places for snorkelling.
Monkey Bay, Maya Bay (the most beautiful) & Koh Phi Phi Don (buffet lunch at Muslim restaurant).

Maya Beach (the location of 'The Beach' movie)

The most beautiful beach at Krabi.
Sadly, too many boats & people.
The only area - no boat.
People were queuing to take picture at the rock.

Phi Phi Don beach. 
After lunch, 4es enjoying their life to the max.
Dont care about sunburn at all!

After lunch, off to the boat again.

Final stop for snorkelling.
You have to jump from the boat.
Mommy was dizzy at this time :(

Our tour guide catch the sea urchin.


Uncle Lee said...

Hi 4Kay-E, I enjoyed looking thru your well taken pics here.
I have never been here before.
Beautiful place, and the waters crystal clear. Love that beach.....
Can see you and kids having a great time.
I guess the food there must be fantastic too.
Have fun and keep well.

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