Big Bad Wolf 2013

For book lovers
Biggest book sale event :)
Went at midnite!
Lots of people, full parking,
But managed to get one & shop.

This year, BBW is more organized. 
Not very long q, maybe because we went late nite.
Spacious venue.
Luv all the books.
Bought a trolley bag full of books for RM100+.
Eiman bought RM3 jokes book & some marvel comics & series.
Most novels for RM8 - the twins fav section.
Eizan got doodles books for RM6 each.
Lots of story books.
Satisfied & happy.
So for this week, they might pay less attention to computer/tv.
Lots of books to read!

 Spare a penny lady :)

 A bit scary huh. hehee.

Arrived home around 2am.
Mommy sleepy head to the office today ....

Hope you are happy children.
Mommy loves u!


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