Standard 1 orientation

My baby is no longer a baby.
Today, 30th December 2013, Eizan is going to standard 1 orientation at school.
He's different from Kakak2 & Abang Eiman.
The new PBS.
All the best my baby Eizan.

Among the early birds.
Serious & sleepy face.

Listening to the headmistress...
For so looooooooong.
Eizan is sleepy & bored.

Next, the exam....
They have to go to class & parents have to wait in the hall & listen to moreeeeeeee talk.

Done with the exam.
Hungry tummy.
Go to the canteen & meet Kakak Elin&Erin who have orientation for their Form 1 at different school.

Tiring day.
Fall a sleep....


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