Cousin's Wedding - Nizar & Wen: Part1 (Nikah)

9th October 2015
Uncle Nizar's Nikah

Uncle Nizar is Mommy's cousin.
His engagement's event in the previous entry.

Our first stop was at the mosque.
We waited for everyone here.
After Maghrib prayer, we went to the venue.

TokMama & her cucu: 
Humaira, Hannah & Eizan.

Abang Adam was one of the dulang boys :)

Alhamdulillah, everything went smoothly.

Hantaran untuk pengantin perempuan, Aunty Wen.

Hantaran untuk pengantin lelaki, Uncle Nizar.

Pak Ngah, Uncle Nizab, Daddy, Adam & Hannah

TokTam, TokMama & Tok Unggai.

Mommy & Daddy with the newly wed.

MakNgah's family, but missing Kakak Nana & Nuha here.

Part of the family

Sisters: MakSu, CikNini & MakNgah

CikNini without heels. heheee...
Mommy in emel by MelindaLooi.

Mommy & Eizan

With Aunty Shieta

 One for the album.
Congratulations Nizar & Wen.


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