Cuti-Cuti Malaysia: Muzium Negara Kuala Lumpur

Last Sunday we went to visit Muzium Negara Malaysia... It's raining... Luckily the parking space is quiet near to the entrance. The parking fee is RM 2 per car/bus. That is very cheap :)

We paid RM2 each for adult and children is FREE (Malaysian only)...
For tourist it is RM5 per adult and RM2 for children.

This is the entrance gate

 This is where we can see Jalan Bangsar and our first time visitting the museum. Even Mommy & Daddy never been there before.

Then we have to climb this... to go inside...
The muzium is divided into four gallery.
A: Early history / Sejarah awal
B: Malay Kingdom / Kerajaan Melayu
C: Collonial era / Era Kolonial
D: Malaysia today / Malaysia kini

In the early history gallery, it's very dark... Eizan is scared when he saw skeletons and the cave men. Then everybody start talking about the movie 'The night museum'.. when everything comes alive... LOL...

Look!!! Eizan who can't read also show his interest in reading.. He's following what 3E did... 

We saw lots of new things...

This is one of hand written Al-Quran

Zaman kesultanan Melayu

 With Hang Tuah

Ample space for people to relax / waiting area.

Eizan in action.. hehee..

In the Malaysia today gallery, there's a movie about independence day... It's quiet interesting to let the new generation understand about MERDEKA...

3E with all the Prime Ministers...

That's what we did last Sunday... Happy always :)


Polish Twins said...

Welcome to everything is very nice;)Greetings and kisses are sent; **

MamaTiaMia said...

hi ita...enjoy nampak they all kat muzium ya,tiamia pernah pergi masa tu kecik sikit,they takut bahagian gelap2 kat dalam tu..asyik ajak keluar ajer:)

the two new books i bought tu Sophie Kinsella writing under her real name with different style not so much much humour mcm shopaholic series..i baru baca tak sampai satu chapter "Cocktails for three" malam tadi..i rasa still a good reading because she very details, boleh picture hidup the 3 ladies tu kan London..pergi bar,dressing up,dilemma women above 30's all..nanti i baca lagi and give review..have a nice weekend..i ada baking class this sunday but TiaMia dah start baking class kat club today;)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi 4Kay-E, wow! You brought back memories to me. I was around when they started building this museum wayyyyy back when in my teens.
And the last time I stepped in was in the '60s when I did a part time work as a tourist guide, bringing Mat sallehs to visit. Terok, hari2 masuk dalam.

Not to mention climbing up Batu Caves every week.
I can see the place has changed a lot too.
And Rgt 2 for locals, and Rgt 5 for tourists?
Ha ha....saya kena Rgt 5!

So, how much is teh tarek now?
You have a nice day. I enjoyed looking thru the pics here. Well taken too.

Mother of Two said...

nampak cam twin tu sgt tinggi. best gak yer pegi nak pegi plak weekend ni

Huszaini said...

macam best jer pegi muzium nih!

♥♥♥♥ dilaBanGi ♥♥♥♥ said...

salam kak ita
apa habaq...moga ceria selalu
dah lama & bertaun tak gi melawat Mnegara ni
sronok tengok 4 E, enjoyed
ada keretapi lat luar tu ada lagi ke kakita?

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