WTF Grading.... For yellow belt

Last 2 weeks, Daddy & Mommy took Eiman to Sekolah Kebangsaan Kampung Tunku, PJ for the WTF Grading. There are so many students - from other school as well. Everyone is so smart in white WTF uniform :)

 Listen to the instruction carefully.

Waiting patiently for his turn...

Getting ready...

Abang Eiman in action!

Go Eiman go...


The result will be announce at school - 2 more weeks to go...

With Daddy

Ok time to go home....

Today at school, Eiman is so excited for the class. He can't wait to get his YELLOW belt :)

 Everyone has to stand up. For those who passed the grading test, they can have a seat... Eiman is waiting for his name to be called *panic mode*. Some of them did not pass :(
After many names has been called, finally he can seat. Alhamdulillah...

 Pay RM 10 for the new yellow belt - we are very proud of u Eiman :)

 Eiman & his yellow belt. Yippi!

 Got it & wear it


Khairol Eimannajwan with the new belt...

Happy weekend everyone!


Madam Sooyaree said...

Congrats Eiman! I dulu kat Uniten ada cubaan nak join. Tapi first class dia suruh buat split, next week tu terus hilang!

cik nini said...

3 cheers for abg eiman!! best tgk muka kesukaan dapat yellow belt:) Rayan pon dok sibuk kata "Ï want to join teakwando".. next level kaler apa pula??

♥♥♥♥ dilaBanGi ♥♥♥♥ said...

congrats juga utk abang eiman. mommy daddy mesti happy.....
boleh mommy bawak gi Tutti frutti erk.....

Uncle Lee said...

Hi 4Kay-E, Congratulations to your boy. Glad to see your boy getting his yellow belt. He looks good. Love his smile.

I sent my youngest boy too when in his early teens take up Tae kwan do.
He got his Black belt in Kl few years later, then here in Canada got his 2nd degree black belt.
Wishing you boy all the best....go for the black belt!
Best regards.

LiLa said...

My son pun join taekwando class. Everytime grading i yg sibuk kecut perut :)Pastu sibuk suruh dia hafal poomsae bagai...Sekarang dia baru dapat red belt and looking forward redblack belt. Coz utk dapat black belt they must 18 years old (actually im not so sure about this son yg cakap...ntah ye ntah tak....hehe...) Lets support them sampai dapat black belt!!! Ibu-ibu yang lebih ni...hehe...

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