Our weekend

After solat Asar, we went to play here.
Luckily not so many people.
If not, it's very difficult to get the swing.
But we got ALL four. hahahaaa....

After an hour, we were so tired. Eizan turned red. He can't stand the heat :(.
We went to McD.
Happy faces home.

No more fun time, next week is the exam week.

All the best to all.


Uncle Lee said...

Hello 4Kay-E, nice pictures. Yes, its good you get the kids out into the sunshine. As today lots of kids hardly go out to ply, but indoors main video games. No exercise too.

Hey, next day take them to a sungei pond, teach them fishing. Get daddy beli fishing rods, maybe a cheap bamboo rod, tu kuning bamboo, beli fishing line and hooks, korek somewhere for worms, and I can tell you....
They sangkut their first fish....itu la dia.
They will have a new hobby.
You have fun, and simpan satu lagu dalam hati.

4 Kay-E said...

Hello Uncle Lee,
Yes you are so true about indoor games. Computers, tv & video games... They can spend hours in front of that machine. Outdoor is fun too.

Thank you for the fishing tip. hehee.. Will ask Daddy to take them :)

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