Singapore Day 5: Splash & Wet

 *Mommy took these pictures from CikNini's fb*

3E's another trip in Singapore: to wet themselves

They have to walk MRT station

Then take the MRT

Then a bus...
Phewwww.. It's a long journey...
Finally they arrived here:

Take 5.. Then continue ...

Time to go home...

Stop for fuel

Stop at a library

Stop at the play area

Owh... What a long journey & full of FUN!
Eizan must be very sad when he saw the pictures...
He is not in there :(

Happy weekend everyone!


Nurhayati said...

ni baru betul2 gi mandi..sbb sblom tu jauh perjalanan.. badan dah berlekit2 terus terjun.. hihihi syok!!!

4 Kay-E said...

Itulah.. Jauhnye nak sampai..
Baru berbaloi :-)

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