When he is alone...

3E are still in Singapore.
 Eizan was so lonely at home.
So Mommy took him out.

Eating at Ikea

Ride at the Curve

McD treat - Ribena, burger, fries & sundae.

Then we went to Metrojaya...
He can't decide what to buy.
Finally he choose this:

New Mega Blocks....
It's all mine!!!!

I miss u Kakak, Kak Yin & Baba....



shamsida said...

Kesian Eizan....mesti dia miss kakak dan abangnya...atau sebaliknya hehehe;)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi 4kay-E, that boy of yours really has beautiful eyes. Ikut mak dia I guess.
He sure looks sukahati with his new present.
So, you da pergi shopping Orchard road, CK Tang, Lucky Plaza?

Hey, go try the chicken rice at Mandarin hotel Chatterbox coffee house.
You'll love it!
Have fun.

4 Kay-E said...

K Sham: memang dia miss kakak2 & abang dia. Tapi at the same time sukalah Mommy & Daddy belek dia sorang je. Minta apa je, mesti dapat :)

4 Kay-E said...

Hi Uncle Lee,
I did not go to Singapore. Just 3E.
Eizan loves his present :)
But he has to take a good care of them. or else, missing pieces will be everywhere in the house.

Will try the chicken rice one day.

cik nini said...

i'm the PRINCE for a week... :tup

4 Kay-E said...

CikNini: Dia super mengada.... hehe.

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