Eizan's Concert & Graduation Day

16th November 2013
Eizan's Tadikum Concert & Graduation Day


One of the best moment.
Alhamdulillah, Eizan just finished his pre-education session.
2 years at Tadikum.
No more nursery rhymes, no more kindy.
Next year he will be in Standard 1.
Even he doesn't like to wear shirt with buttons & collar :P

The ceremony starts with speech, doa and certificate giveaway

This is my boy!
Khairol Eizannajwan

The performance starts with choir:
1. Selamat datang semua
2. Mummy, Daddy I love u
3. Hello my friend

Then nasyid 'Rukun Iman'

Other performance from Eizan's friends

Eizan's Cultural Dance.
Malay, Chinese and Indian dance.
Eizan, the Chinese dancer.
He's been practicing the dance for a few months.
So proud of him.

After the dance everyone went on stage & sing with the teachers.
'I can see clearly now'.
What a great performance.
Everybody enjoyed the show.
Well done children & teachers.

Eizan & his favorite teacher, Teacher Agnes.
Eizan will miss Teacher Agnes a lot!
Thank you teacher.


Nurhayati said...

besar dah Eizan.. pasni masuk darjah 1 dah. comel giler tgk budak2 kalau menari menyanyi..

4 Kay-E said...

Dah nak darjah 1 tapi manja lagi. hehehee...
Ahaa geram tgk anak2 menari menyanyi.
Comel sangat semuanya.
Pure & innocent!

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