Hari Penyampaian Hadiah 2013 & The Last Day of School

Tahun 2013, Eiman dapat hadiah dalam kurikulum.
No academic achievements for the twins & Eiman.
But Mommy believes that you can achieve more in the future.
Never stop fighting & learn.
I always doa for my children.
If you didn't get good results now, there are many other exams in the future. 
So, work hard from now!
I love u so much.

Eiman & Adam

*I'm really sorry that I didn't make it for your dancing performance :(
Kakak Elin took these pictures.

Eiman's certificate
Congratulations sayang

Eiman & the boys

The pretty girls

Eiman, Adam & the girls

Dina, Elin, Amira, & Saloma

The final action by Saloma.
They will miss each other.
They said SSP is the best school in the world.
Do keep in touch & we hope to see again someday.


Nurhayati said...

arghhh mesti comel sgt menari. tahniah buat semua anak2 akak.. teruskan usaha jgn mudah putus asa :)

4 Kay-E said...

Thank Yati.
Nanti anak2 Yati membesar pun mesti banyak aksi & memori.

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