UPSR Result is out!!!!

Mixed emotion.
Lots of tears.
Tears of happiness.
Only remember this: Mommy loves you forever.
So proud for both of u!

*** A note from Mommy ***

My dear Elin & Erin,

I still remember in 2010...
When your first education in Malaysia.
You doesn't like the school here.
You really missed your teachers & friends at England.
Reception, Year 1-5 were your best memories.
You never been to any of schools in Malaysia before.

When we came back from England, we stayed at Kajang.
You went to school in Kajang for a few months.
You struggled very hard.
You don't have friends.
You were alone at the canteen.
You doesn't speak Malay very well.
Your exam results were 'funny' ;)
You survived till the end of the year.
Then we moved to PJ, you have to change school again.

From Kajang to SSP.
At SSP you met new friends.
Some of them were from different schools too.
On the registration day, we met Dina.
She also came back from UK.
Wan Nabilah Dina.
One of your bestest friends ever!
Then Mommy also met Dina's mom.
We were friends until now.

You were in the same class with her & same Rumah Kuning too.
You missed telling stories about school, food, story books, toys, shopping, sleepover, travel and many other topics about England.
You can talk to Dina about that.
You started making new friends.
Since then you start to like Malaysian school.
You love your friends.
You love the canteen food, especially the nasi lemak!
Which you said is better than my nasi lemak :P
You always missed school even it's school holidays.

But now....
You were no longer in Primary school.
Year 6 has already finished.
SSP is no longer for you.
2.5 years studied, you have to seat for UPSR.
The final exam of your primary level.
Mommy always pray for you.
Day and nite.
Every single day.
Without fail.

I knew you have struggled very hard.
I knew that you doesn't want to disappoint me.
I knew that you want me to be proud of you.
Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for giving me both of you as my daughters. 
Even you didn't get 5As.
Even you are not the best student.
It's ok with me.
I am happy with your result.
I knew how hard you have tried.

This is not the end of the world.
There are hundreds of other exams in the future.
And you can do better than this.
Always remember that I will always be with you.
No matter when and where.
Even when I'm getting old and soon I will die, I will always be with you.
Do not miss your solat & doa to Allah because He always listen.
Always say Alhamdullillah.
Thank you Allah for everything.

I hope you learnt your lesson.
If you work really hard, but you didn't get what you want, it's ok.
Don't be too sad. Don't blame yourself.
Because maybe Allah doesn't want to give it to you now.
It might be later
or ...
it might be in a different way.

But if you didn't work hard,
you won't get anything.
You have to do 'something' to get 'something'.
That is the rule.
There's always a reason why.

I think this is very long enough.
I am sorry if I hurt your feelings.
I am sorry if I don't have enough time to be with you.

One day, when you cannot see me and talk to me anymore,
please come back to this blog and read what I wrote here.

This is our family life journey.
When I died, I want you to continue this blog and pass to your children.

Loves, hugs and kisses,


Thursday morning.
After recess, all Year 6 students gathered in the hall.
Waiting for the headmistress to announce our result.
She called the names alphabetically.

Khairunnajwa Edleena
Khairunnajwa Edreena

The moment of truth!
Mommy was shaking & both of them cried.
In 10 years time, come back to this page & see your red nose face!

Speechless moments.

To all Elin&Erin's friends,
Congratulations everyone!
Thank you for being such a good friend.
Thank you for lighten up Elin&Erin's life.

After all the tears and unlimited hugs, we left the school.
Went to Tadikum to fetch Adik Eizan, 
then off to Jaya33 for lunch.
Subway for everyone!
Thank you Allah for the unforgettable moment.


MamaTiaMia said...

Ita- I am proud of you! Elin&Erin hug your mommy ketat2! Girls you have done your best- you have settled down wonderfully in Malaysia- that is not easy to do- auntie knows your are smart girls- life is not about getting 5As only- adjusting,loving and being wonderful are very importannt too:)- Ita on friday i bercerita dgn orang2 office ni- so lah ramai budak dapat 5As now- apa nak jadi zaman Tia Mia?? The two of them cakap anak dia orang tak pernah dapat 4 or even 3 As pun- then we discussed about blessing given by Allah- actually ada anak pun adalah satu anugerah terbesar- tak semua orang ada anak- ada yang terpaksa melalui macam2 kesusahan tapi akhirnya tak dapat anak- then bila dapat anak pulak- normal cukup sifat pun satu anugerah paling besar- ada yang terpaksa melalui kepahitan melihat dan membesarkan anak2 syurga- dapat menghantar anak2 sekolah pun anugerah rezeki tak terhingga sebab ada yang tak mampu menyekolahkan anak- so we are so blessed- You have 4 beautiful Es itu lah anugerah terindah kan:) Miss you lah:)

4 Kay-E said...

Dear Azu,
Thank you for the words. Will ask Elin&Erin to read your comments. All of us are different. Nasib berbeza2. Yang paling penting kita bersyukur dengan apa yang ada kan?

Itulah lama betul tak jumpa. Tengok TiaMia membesar dlm fb & blog.
Miss u too sister!

Nurhayati said...

tahniah tahniah tahniah..
teruskan usaha :)

4 Kay-E said...

Tenkiu Aunty Yati :)

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