Raya Episode 3 : Besut to Kajang

******************************  3rd Syawal  *********************************

We have to go back home... So we headed to Kajang. On the way back, the kids already requested for another beach stop. Hmmm... It's really hard to say NO after their good behaviour & fasting for a month. Mommy & Daddy love beach too. So, this time we stop at Batu Rakit Beach. It's really hot! But who cares?

Erin is the Daddy's model of the day. Hehee.. She loves to pose at the camera :). The beach with breathtaking views makes Daddy full his memory cards in a short period of time.

Eizan is enjoying his life, did not care of anyone. Just relax & have fun.

4 E & the sea :)

Seaside walks.

Mommy & the kids.

The beach is mine! It's all mine.. muaaahhhhaaaaaa *Evil laugh*

Abang Eiman - the next Baywatch ;P

Daddy & Mommy.

The twin is enjoying their life.

Crystal clear water... It's so cool....

Abang Eiman

Run & don't stop :) heheee...


Mommy :P

They are so busy exploring the world & doing 'stuffs'. heheehee.

Eizan who found new things.

Waiting for the sea water to reach their feet.

It's Erin. The model for today.

What are they doing?

Our family at the beach. Mommy loves this picture. We love the beach.

After the beach walk, we stopped at Dungun for lunch. Seafood heaven!!! Nyum nyum.. We were looking for coconut drink, but no one sell coconut yet :( So we ordered ABC instead & lots of seafood.... * Tak sempat ambil gambar our food - sume kelaparan & kepanasan. hehee..

Sotong goreng tepung.


Erin with cool shades.

Erin is the car. She's the one in the mood for pictures. Others already tired with sleepy eyes... We reached kajang at night... Alhamdulillah.. Everything went smoothly.


dilaOHdila said...

suka tengok photo kak ita ni
trengganu mmg best. x pernah sampai lagi pun.
erin happy go lucky ya

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