Raya Episode 4 : Family pictures

Still in R.A.Y.A mood everyone? Yup, same goes to us :).. 
We managed to snap a few pictures at home, even everyone is not wearing Baju Raya... But at least we still have the Raya mood. It's sooooooooooo difficult to get all 6 of us ready & smile in ONE shot  :P...

Enjoy the pictures.


iem said...

salam aidilfitri .. nice picture .. pandai Elin & Erin Eiman & Eizan posing nii ...comel!!

Carolina said...

Hello I,m Caroline and I live in Poland.Has your beautiful children.What state your family come from?I invite you to our blog hope you write a comment.

Anonymous said...

cantik baju dengan brooch tu lah...kenan nya nampak cam tradisional gitew....-mcna

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