Today's date is very special... and the bonus is it's Sunday! No work, no school & everyone is making the date special. A day to remember... 10 October 2010.

But for us, Daddy is not here. He has to work -  taking wedding pictures in Kuantan... So nothing special for us. Mommy took 4e to Alamanda. A reward for helping Mommy doing the house chores. We went to MPH: do some reading & buy a few books. 

 Then we went to A&W. It has been quite a while Mommy did not eat at A&W. Hotdogs & curly fries for the 4e & waffle for Mummy. The waffle is so nice with ice cream & strawberry syrup. But everybody is kidnapping Mommy's waffle. heheee...

Reading while waiting for the food to arrive. Erin bought a horror book. I wonder why she is so fancy about scary stuffs now. Hmmm... Elin bought magic tricks book & Eiman with his superheroes comics. For Eizan yang cinonet tu, 15 toy box tales.

The curly fries is not as good as before :(. But the waffle is superb!

Look at Eizan, the hotdog is too big for his mouth. heheee..

Enjoy your day on this special day.
Have fun everyone.


dilaOHdila said...

salam kak ita
hari ni date cun utk berblogger. setahun sekali anivessary mulai arinih erk, kak ita.
Adik, burger tu lebeh besar dari size muklut adik yg comel tu (hehehe)

MamaTiaMia said...

ita.. i pun lamalah tak pergi A&W,the waffle looks so yummy..bagus eizan makan hotdog ni..tiamia masalah dia kalau biar makan hotdog sendiri they will leave the roti.Itaaa..bestnyer nampak at TSG..ohh maklong chef yerr..seronok lah..and the food nampak semua yummy..tumbuk sendiri the bahan2 lagi sedap..drolling lah first day puasa ni)one day nak pergi jugak TSG ni lah:)

annhuzi said...

we love A&W tapi kat sini dah tutup semua outlets so if pegi sana nampak A&W mesti nak singgah..seperti di tempat rehat jejambat ayer keroh

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